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Non-targeted analyses of animal plasma: Betaine and choline represent the nutritional and metabolic status, Katayama, K., Sato T., Arai T., Amao H., Ohta Y., Ozawa T., Kenyon P R., Hickson R E., and Tazaki H. , Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, 2013, Volume 97, Issue 1, p.119 - 125, (2013)
Addressing the pain associated with disbudding and dehorning in cattle, Stafford, K.J., and Mellor D.J. , Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 2011, Volume 135, Issue 3, p.226 - 231, (2011)
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The accuracy of core samples as measures of lean content in cartons of beef: A simulation study, Purchas, R.W. , Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2007, Volume 58, Issue 2, p.112 - 122, (2007)
Comparison of plasma metabolite concentrations and enzyme activities in beef cattle raised by different feeding systems in Korea, Japan and New Zealand, Mori, A., Urabe S., Asada M., Tanaka Y., Tazaki H., Yamamoto I., Kimura N., Ozawa T., Morris S T., Hickson R E., et al. , Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series A: Physiology Pathology Clinical Medicine, 2007, Volume 54, Issue 7, p.342 - 345, (2007)
Validation of the acute electroencephalographs responses of calves to noxious stimulus with scoop dehorning, Gibson, T.J., Johnson C.B., Stafford K.J., Mitchinsont S.L., and Mellor D.J. , New Zealand Veterinary Journal, 2007, Volume 55, Issue 4, p.152 - 157, (2007)


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