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A review: relationships of some hormones to growth and carcass quality of ruminants., Hafs, H.D., Purchas R.W., and Pearson A.M. , Journal of Animal Science, 1971, Volume 33, Issue 1, p.64 - 71, (1971)
Some carcass quality and endocrine criteria of Holstein heifers fed melengestrol acetate., Purchas, R.W., Pearson A.M., Pritchard D.E., Hafs H.D., and Tucker H.A. , Journal of Animal Science, 1971, Volume 32, Issue 4, p.628 - 635, (1971)
Pituitary and plasma growth hormone levels in bulls from birth to one year of age., Purchas, R.W., Macmillan K.L., and Hafs H.D. , Journal of Animal Science, 1970, Volume 31, Issue 2, p.358 - 363, (1970)
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