Bovine retained placenta: Aetiology, pathogenesis and economic loss

TitleBovine retained placenta: Aetiology, pathogenesis and economic loss
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsLaven, R, and Peters A.R.
JournalVeterinary Record
Pagination465 - 471
Date Published1996
ISBN Number00424900 (ISSN)

The literature on the effects and causes of retained placenta in the cow is reviewed. On a herd basis the condition can adversely affect milk yield and fertility, but on an individual cow basis the effects are unpredictable. The aetiology of retained placenta has been extensively studied and many causal factors have been implicated, but little is known of how many of them cause the condition. As a result its prevention and prediction is uncertain, primarily because of the lack of knowledge of the normal process of placental release. Vascular changes and uterine contractions play a role in placental release, but current opinion suggests that the primary cause of retained placenta is the retention of the feto-maternal union. Release only occurs after a process of maturation, which involves hormonal and structural changes. The factors which are thought to influence these changes, and thus cause the condition, are discussed.

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