Many of our research projects involve postgraduate students, both within New Zealand and internationally. We currently have openings for PhD, masters or honours students on various projects, including cow efficiency, alternative forages for bull calf growth, and Theileria in beef cattle.

We also frequently have summer scholarship projects available to undergraduate students at Massey University.

Doctoral Students

  • Cameron CraigieAn investigation into the use of video image analysis (VIA) and visible-near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for carcase evaluation; 2012
  • Folusha Adeyinka: The development of the bovine placentome and associated structures during gestation; 2012
  • Rebecca Hickson: Assistance at parturition of primiparous, two-year-old, Angus heifers and the effect of liveweight gain of heifers in early pregnancy on birth weight of the calf; 2009

Masterate Students

  • Lucy Coleman: Carcass attributes and quality of meat from Charolais-sired steers and heifers borrn to Angus and Angus-cross-dairy cows; 2017
  • Fernando Javier Roca-Fraga: Prediction of milk yield of 3-year-old Angus cows and the influence of maternal milk production on the post-natal growth of beef steers; 2013

Honours Students

  • Cindy Little: Profitable and sustainable systems for intensive wintering of cattle on hill country; 2013
  • Kelly Collier: Finishing ability and carcass characteristics of Simmental- and Angus-sired steers born to Angus-cross-dairy cows; 2013
  • Jordan Berry: Growth of weaned Friesian bull calves on three different swards during summer; 2013
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