The prevalence and identity of Sarcocystis in beef cattle in New Zealand

TitleThe prevalence and identity of Sarcocystis in beef cattle in New Zealand
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsBöttner, A., Charleston W.A.G., Pomroy W.E., and Rommel M.
JournalVeterinary Parasitology
Pagination157 - 168
Date Published1987
ISBN Number03044017 (ISSN)
Keywordsanimal, animal disease, article, cat, Cats, cattle, cattle disease, Cattle Diseases, Coccidiosis, disease transmission, electron microscopy, human, isolation and purification, Microscopy, Electron, Microscopy, Electron, Scanning, New Zealand, parasitology, Sarcocystis, Sarcocystosis, scanning electron microscopy, Support, Non-U.S. Gov't, ultrastructure

Muscle tissue from the oesophagus and diaphragm of 500 beef cattle slaughtered in New Zealand was examined for Sarcocystis infection by microscopic examination of cysts isolated from muscle samples. All cattle were infected with Sarcocystis; based on light microscopy of cysts, 98% had thin-walled Sarcocystis cruzi cysts and 79.8% had thick-walled (Sarcocystis hirsuta/Sarcocystis hominis) cysts. Cysts were also collected for electron microcopy and transmission experiments. Thick-walled cysts could not be distinguished as S. hirsuta or S. hominis by light or electron microscopy. Thick-walled cysts were fed to three cats and one human volunteer; one cat shed sporocysts but not the human volunteer. Electron microscopy of the cysts revealed many features that have not been described previously. © 1987.

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