The New Zealand beef cattle industry

TitleThe New Zealand beef cattle industry
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsST, Morris
Conference NameProceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production
Date PublishedJan
PublisherNew Zealand Society of Animal Production
Conference LocationHamilton

A quick cursory glance of the past 71 Presidential Addresses reveals they usually take one of three forms. Some have given an overview of the agricultural or animal science research scene with particular reference to funding and in particular the shortfall of funds, others have reviewed the Society’s activities usually through analysis of membership and papers presented at Annual Conferences and suggested future directions for the Society, while others have made a personal statement about an industry or research area. I have chosen the latter and want to speak today about beef production in New Zealand. Beef production gets little recognition in the mainstream press or by many of our farmer politicians. In fact I would suggest many of our Society members would know little about beef production on our farms.  

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