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The use of legume and herb forage species to create high performance pastures for sheep and cattle grazing systems, Kemp, P.D., Kenyon P R., and Morris S T. , Uso de leguminosas e forrageiras herbáceas para criar pastos de alto desempenho para sistema de pastejo de ovinos e bovinosRevista Brasileira de ZootecniaRev. Bras. Zootec., 2010, Volume 39, Issue SUPPL. 1, p.169 - 174, (2010)
Variation in the form of iron in beef and lamb meat and losses of iron during cooking and storage, Purchas, R.W., Simcock D.C., Knight T.W., and Wilkinson B.H.P. , International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2003, Volume 38, Issue 7, p.827 - 837, (2003)
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